Our Hospital

Nachbar Veterinary Hospital

Skilled, Compassionate, Gentle Care for All Companion Animals

Our Facility

We are located at 459 East Main Street in the Village of Springville. From our ample parking area, there is easy sidewalk access; a warm, comfortable reception area; adequate exam room space for patient, owner, and doctor; convenient laboratory and pharmacy; efficient treatment room flow to surgery and diagnostic rooms; and two separate, well ventilated animal wards.

Species Treated

Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Small “pocket pets” (except Guinea Pigs due to severe allergy), and Reptiles

Our Practice Philosophy

People have owned pets since history was first recorded. The benefits of pet ownership are myriad, but all focus around the human-animal bond. For example, the unconditional love of a dog for his owner, the personal sense of value and the responsibility taught to a child derived from caring for a dependent animal, the companionship of a cat to her senior citizen owner, and the relief of daily stress achieved by stroking an animal’s fur all contribute to our individual mental health.

Our objective is to nurture the human-animal bond by speaking for the pet, educating his owner about his condition and working to return him to health.

We will provide premium service, accurate diagnoses and modern treatments based on solid medical principles. We will practice both the art and science of veterinary medicine to the best of our ability.

Types of Procedures

Dentistry: Teeth cleaning, periodontal treatments, oral surgery

Routine surgery: Spaying, neutering, declawing, cosmetic ear and tail surgery

Soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery: Examples include tumor/lump removal, abdominal surgery, fracture repair, ligament and joint surgery, TPLO = Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, CBLO = CORA-based Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, corrective surgery for hip dysplasia, C-section, ear surgery, and cancer surgery.

Geriatric Conditions: Arthritis, house-soiling, senility, and counseling.

Medical Conditions: Diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, genitourinary, cancer, hormonal, neurologic, orthopedic, eye, ear, and skin disorders

Imaging: X-rays and Ultrasound for soft-tissue, orthopedic, and dental studies

Behavioral Problems: Separation anxiety, training, house-soiling, aggression, etc…

Euthanasia and Grief Counseling: Help with decisions, house-calls, private cremation

Therapeutic Laser, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture: For orthopedic, neurologic, and wound treatment