Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory

We enjoy the ability to obtain rapid, high quality diagnostic images and laboratory test results in our hospital. We use environmentally friendly high definition direct digital radiography, eliminating film and processing chemicals. Radiologist interpretation of images is rapid since all images can be transmitted digitally. Diagnostic ultrasound is another invaluable imaging tool that we use daily, allowing evaluation of abdominal and thoracic organs in real time. We find tumors, bladder stones, abnormal fluid accumulations, and can monitor fetal health. We can often sample abnormal tissues with an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate. We can also arrange for advanced imaging such as CT scan and MRI.

Our in-house laboratory can provide rapid results of blood and urine tests for sick animals and pre-anesthesia testing. Rapid testing for Lyme disease, heartworm, feline leukemia and FIV is available. Using our centrifuge and microscope, we can find parasite eggs in fecal samples and look at cells and fluid from skin lumps and urine samples. For specialized tests, we have several reference laboratories including the Cornell and Michigan State diagnostic labs, as well as Antech diagnostics.