Hospice Care

How do I know when it is time for my pet to cross the rainbow bridge?

Often our pets will show us when the time is right, but it is still hard to make the decision. It’s important to work with your veterinarian to determine the quality of life of your pet and available effective treatments for your pet’s condition. Also, keep in mind your and your family’s emotional well-being and other factors related to your pet’s health. When good quality of life and well-being can no longer be achieved, then euthanasia can be a kind and compassionate choice.

Here at our clinic, we have information packets to help you. Here are just a few things that may help you decide when that time is right:

Dr. McVety’s Pet Quality of Life Scale and Diary – Quality of Life Scale

This provides a scoring sheet to evaluate your pets social functions, physical health, natural function and mental health as well as your family’s concerns. “When evaluating the quality of life of your pet, personalized patient and family information is important when reaching an educated, informed, and supported choice that fits not only your pet’s medical condition but also your wishes and expectations. In short, quality of life applies not only to the pet; it also applies to you!” – Dr. McVety

Dr. Gardner’s Pet Quality of Life Scale and Diary – Quality of Life Scale and Daily Dairy

This provides a scoring sheet and daily diary for your pet that covers physical health, natural function and mental health.

This is a calendar that we recommend putting up on your fridge that your whole family can write on to say whether your pet had a good or bad day. A lot of times, your family will see different things with pets that not everyone might see due to busy schedules of work and everyday life. It gives you an idea of how many good days and how many bad days your pet has in a week or month. Quality of Life Calendar

Here are some Pain Score sheets that might help you determine when your pet is more painful than other times- For cats: pain-score-catdocx.pdf For dogs: pain-score-dog.pdf

What options are there when the time comes for my pet to cross the rainbow bridge?

We offer euthanasia services in the hospital, and owners can take home their pet for home burial or to a pet crematory or pet cemetery. We also offer cremation services, either private cremation with ashes returned or group cremation with ashes not returned. All of our cremation services are provided by Pet Heaven Funeral Home, Inc.

If your pet passes away at home, we can still offer the crematory services or you can take them directly to Pet Heaven or another crematory/cemetery.

If there is an emergency we recommend using the local emergency veterinarians that can perform euthanasia services if needed: Orchard Park, Village Vet of Hamburg, Greater Buffalo Vet Emergency Clinic

We are always available here at the clinic for our clients that are in need of grief counseling or need someone to talk to about their pet.